OUR history

In 2010, Mercy Hill began in the Henry's living room as a new church congregation in South Jersey committed to "helping people thrive in Christ." Our focus was simple: pursue joyful and biblical worship of God each Sunday (through both Word and Sacrament) and show our love for God through practical and tangible expressions of love for our neighbors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people "thrive in Christ." This means we want to introduce people to Jesus through the truth of God's word and deeds of love and mercy.

“I love this church!”
— a new member of our congregation

how we are unique

  • We are a church plant--that means while we are affiliated with an historic denomination (the Presbyterian Church in America), we are just getting started as a new church community, and so there is lots to do.
  • Many of our members have come from various religious backgrounds (or none at all) and we are united in our belief that Jesus is central to the Christian life.
  • We started this church with the belief that what was needed was not something "new" but something that was "tried and true" but expressed in fresh ways.
  • We have partnered with different churches and organizations to show that our love for the truth actually makes a difference in the way we live in our community. 
  • We are committed to the historic evangelical and protestant traditions in our worship and discipleship.