A note for parents with children. On Sunday mornings, during our worship service, the safety and well-being of your children is our highest priority.

When you arrive with a small child, we will register him or her in through our church's children's check-in process. We suggest arriving around 9:45 to facilitate this process for the first time.

  • During the worship service (starting at 10:00 am), kids from birth to three years old will be provided supervision outside of our main worship service by two childcare workers. They will be provided appropriate toys, and a craft and story will be prepared for them.
  • Before the sermon starts (around 10:30-10:35 am), kids age four to five will be allowed, at their parents discretion, to leave main worship service area, where they will be taught a Bible lesson. We call this "children's church." There will also be a craft and story prepared for them by two workers. 
  • All children are released to their parents before the end of the service in order that they might be with their family during the celebration of the Lord's Supper. This takes place around 11:20am.
  • No additional programming is provided for children ages nine and up. Instead, they will be seated with their parents during our family friendly worship service. 
  • We do provide children's bulletins for young kids which helps them follow along the theme of the sermon while sitting with their parents. Parents may also wish to help their children take age-appropriate notes that pertain to the sermon.
  • Children are the part of our "church family" and  so we are committed to building a church community that honors our children and invests in them well. This includes the following key values:

  • Children must be kept absolutely safe and secure at all times
  • Children must be treated with dignity and respect
  • Children learn best in a context of Grace-based authority and care.
  •  A child's parent(s) is his or her first and best teacher; we are working together for the benefit of your child.

Some other helpful things to note about the safety of your children:

  • Our facilities are set up to provide safe and secure arrangements for young children.
  • We also have children's workers who are trained in emergency procedures and have passed police background checks.
  • Your child will not be alone with only one member of our staff at any time. We work in pairs.
  • Our staff of children's workers are also able to send you a text message if your child needs help while you're in the main worship service. (Please make sure your cell phone is set to vibrate.)

Besides physical safety, we want to assure you that they will be learning godly Christian truth when they are with our teachers. We emphasize the basics (ABC's) of the Christian faith in multiple forms: songs and chants, art, drama, and illustrative teaching.

If you desire more information on the curriculum we use for teaching your children, please contact us!