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Preaching God's Word

Each Sunday the highlight of our worship service is the sermon from the Bible, which goes verse-by-verse through a specific passage in the Scriptures and so usually lasts about 30-40 minutes. You should bring a Bible with you; some people also like to take notes. If you don't own a Bible, we will provide you one you can keep free of charge. The translation we use is called the English Standard Version of the Bible. 


congregational worship

Our worship music consists primarily of the congregation singing traditional hymns set to upbeat and often more modern tunes, accompanied by our band, which includes guitar, piano, a couple of vocalists, and percussion. We call this an "ancient-yet-modern" approach to congregational singing.




We believe the work of the church is funded by the financial giving of God's people. Please come prepared to give a tithe as an expression of your gratitude to God, and obedience to His command. There is time during the service for you to bring your offering, or you may give electronically.



The Sacraments

The sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper are important elements of our worship. The Lord's Supper (aka Holy Communion) is celebrated each week in keeping with the theme of renewing and strengthening our faith as a congregation. We welcome all members of other Presbyterian Church in America congregations, as well as others who have put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation and who are members of other congregations which share similar evangelical convictions as we do about God's Word and the power of the Gospel.