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Part of our calling as a church is to not only explain the mercy of God in Jesus, but to show that in practical, tangible ways.

That means that we don't just do "missions" by giving money to a church fund. We live out missions in regular every day places and spaces as part of our identity as Jesus' disciples, His followers.

Sometimes these local mission trips look pretty ordinary. Raking leaves, cleaning up a local park, and helping fold clothes at a neighborhood clothes closet are all examples of what we have in mind.

Sometimes we have called this ordinary missionary effort "sacred space." What do we mean by this phrase? Check out this definition...

Sacred Space is what's created when a follower of Jesus drenches something common or ordinary with heavenly glory. When a follower of Jesus sees something common as, in fact, something sacred, created by God.

 As missional people, bringing Christ wherever we go, we can make ordinary places, sacred.

Just as Jesus took on flesh and came to us in the form of a servant like we see in John, we want to go to the people in the surrounding communities as an expression of the kingdom, allowing the Gospel to work in our lives as we seek to bring it to others. 

We encourage you to think of sacred spaces in your life, be they large or small--places you can make sacred because of your faith, whether it is where you work, live, or play. 

Mercy Hill's priority is to do local missionary work in "sacred spaces" primiarly as smaller, missional communities, though we do some work as a whole congregation as well.