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Old Sermons

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    1-09-2011 to 3-06-2011--Understanding the Bible

    At the beginning of 2011, we are studying the basics of God's story, the Bible during our time of confessing our faith. Some questions we're answering include: is the Bible perfect? Why are there footnotes in my Bible? What should its authority be in my life? How do I read the Old Testament? Which translation should I use?
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    01-09 - Survey of the Old Testament

    In the first part of 2011, we are learning about the Story of God in the Old Testament. These are sermons that summarize and survey Genesis through Malachi, the books that are "preparation for God's Plan of Redemption."
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    01-02 Joseph and God's Faithfulness

    Scott Leary preached the final sermon for Christmas 2010 on January 2, 2011. Scott's subject Joseph and God's faithfulness to him and through him. This was also a new year's challenge to men who desire to grow in faithfulness in 2011.
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    000-Vintage Sermons

    This folder contains archived sermons ("vintage") from Mercy Hill's first season of weekly gatherings (September 2010) as well as sermons from our preview season (March-June 2010) and sermons from Pastor Phil Henry's previous pastorate in Arizona.